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Tulsa Fencing Contractors Q&A

What is the most popular wood used by Fences And More Co.?

For our pickets, we use #2 or better Western Red Cedar. In addition to that, we may have an inland cedar or Douglas Fir on hand. The major difference between the two cedars is where they live, which will influence their coloration. Both species are the same, and they’re both fantastic woods to utilize for fence posts since they are cost-effective and insect-resistant. We use 4″ x 4″ Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine Timber for wooden posts in a traditional pattern.

Is it necessary to contact Okie to mark gas, water, and electrical wires?

No. Fences And More Co. is required by law to notify Okie that we will be digging on your property. They will mark all electric, gas, and cable lines a few days before your installation date.

Does Fences And More Co. locate sprinkler and septic lines?

No, we do not have the ability to detect sprinkler or septic lines. If there are any private water pipes that our equipment may not detect, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to notify us. Even if your lines are marked, Fences And More Co. is not liable for any damage they may suffer. We will do everything feasible to avoid hitting the lines, but it is not a guarantee that they will be unharmed by hand digging around client-marked locations on the property.

Although our staff may carry materials to mend minor PVC line breaks, if the damage is beyond their expertise, the homeowner must call a landscaping professional for a more comprehensive repair. It is the duty of the crew members  to contact a supervisor if a line is struck. However, faulty lines can sometimes go unnoticed until the next time when the sprinklers are activated. After the installation crew has installed posts, we recommend that the homeowner walk the fence line to ensure that they are properly placed. At this time, we want you to turn on your sprinklers to make sure all zones are operational.

Does the homeowner need to do any preliminary preparations before installation?

Yes please! Any plants or other objects that are propped up against the fence or hanging from it must be removed. These are some of the things that would be considered constructively disruptive:

  • vines or vegetation
  • tree limbs
  • decorations attached to the fence
  • bird feeders
  • flower beds with stone or rock that are adjacent to the fence

The typical guideline is that each crew member should have 2′ or more clear space on both sides of the fence. If vegetation has not been removed from the area set aside for workers, any installation will be delayed until the homeowner fulfills this requirement.

How do I inform my neighbors on both sides of me about the installation?

Before arranging an appointment for a quote, we recommend that you contact the residents who would be affected by the fence’s construction before scheduling an estimate appointment. Neighbors may have various criteria or expectations for the project’s scope. They might also want to do more than simply the shared fencing. Meeting ahead of time will allow each neighbor to voice any concerns and demands that may influence the cost and terms of the job.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform each neighbor of the installation date and what type of fence will be installed. Please note that construction may take up to three to five business days. If you’re removing an old fence, keep in mind that it will be exposed to the other neighbor’s yards for many days while it’s being constructed. Any pet owners may have issues with this. Fences And More Co. advises that dogs be kept on a leash or in a kennel at all times. They’ll need to make plans for either keeping the dogs inside or kenneling them throughout the duration of the project. Please keep in mind that Fences And More Co. is not responsible for any kennel expenses during this time period.

Is it true that my neighbors will be responsible for a portion of the expense? Is every neighboring home charged individually by the Fences And More Co.?

According to Fences And More Co.’s policy, the homeowner who contacted us for the project is responsible for the entire cost. In the estimate, Fences And More Co. will provide a share of the expense for each neighbor; however, the homeowner will be solely responsible for the payment.

Fences And More Co. will demand that the invoice be paid in full after 10 days if it has not been paid. Disputes over payment and split expenses should be handled between homeowners, not Fences And More Co.

Is Fences And More Co. a fence repair business?

We currently only offer fence repair services to Fences And More Co. customers who have a warranty on their fences.

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