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​As one of the leading fence companies in Tulsa, AAA Fence provides fast and courteous service and we have the ability to operate around your busy schedule. Our Wrought Iron Fence installers deliver superior craftsmanship, with kindness and integrity you can count on. Our wrought iron fencing products come with a full warranty and a one-year installation guarantee.

Wooden fences made of cedar are considered traditional fences in Oklahoma and they are generally the lowest priced. We have a huge line-up of unique wood fence styles just for you. Call today for a free estimate on your wood fence project or request a call back and a team member will contact you right away. Be sure to include your phone number in your email to us.

Tulsa Oklahoma Wood Fence

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Wood Fence Information

White Cedar is naturally blonde in color and is made into fence boards that are usually planed on both faces and edges. White Cedar fences age gracefully to a light gray and are very durable. Many homes throughout Tulsa, OK boast beautiful White Cedar fences and sometimes siding.

Red Cedar is naturally brownish in color and is manufactured into a wide range of fence boards. The board types range from rough sawn to sanded smooth on all sides. This wood normally has a wide spectrum of color range and ages to become darker than White Cedar. Red Cedar is also very durable and has many other uses besides fence material, particularly building framing and interior carpentry.

How Much Maintenance? Wood fence posts need to be plumbed and tamped every 2-3 years. If the wood has been coated, that schedule may vary; clear sealant and waterproofers need yearly refreshing, semitransparent stains last 3-4 years, and solid stains last 5-7 years. Painting your wood fence is not advised.

How Long Wood Fences Last? Roughly 20 years, if made of high quality wood. Fence posts are typically the first to deteriorate; panels last longer as they generally don't make contact with the ground.

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